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Summer Games

JUNE 25 – JULY 1, 2023

2023 Registration Open Soon!! 


For our Summer Games Program, it is our prayer that every child, teen and adult will feel so completely loved, safe and secure that they will freely connect with God and discover the amazing joy that comes only from knowing the love of our Father. We pray they are empowered to live as full, new creations in Christ and leave their old ways behind.

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As a Christian community, we strive to give equal weight to physical, spiritual and emotional growth through games (no skill required), worship, praise, teaching, and developing relational skills in huddles (like small families).

Huddle leaders (usually ages 16 and up) share their faith, provide support, guidance and encouragement, as well as actively participate in all activities. Eligible campers range from 4th grade (9 years old) to 10th grade (15 years old).

Two huddle leaders, along with adult counselors, provide at least four or more support people available for each camper. A teen boy and teen girl lead the huddle during the day providing individual attention. The huddle members eat, play games, and worship together.

Intentional opportunities to encounter Christ personally are provided through worship, prayer, praise, speakers, witnessing by teens, games, evening programs and music.

Evening programs include the opportunity for commitment to Christ, special music, and skits. The highlight of the week is our crucifixion pageant on Thursday night, which is followed by a resurrection and communion service on Friday morning. Each of these programs ends on a worshipful and prayerful note.


Summer Games has been with Simpson Park Camp since 2007.

In 1978, Stan Wierson (of the Iowa Methodist Conference) visualized a summer camp that included a strong message of salvation combined with games, music and leadership development for teenagers and young adults.

With the help of Jane Burns, the church education director, and many volunteers, Summer Games was born at Wesley Woods Camp.

Jane Burns moved to Michigan and introduced the Summer Games program to Vicky Metters, Simpson Park Camp’s Dean of Summer Games.

In 1990, Summer Games was presented to the Detroit Conference. Summer Games opened in Michigan at the Lake Louise Camp in the summer of 1991. Since then, Summer Games is held at six additional locations in Michigan and has been introduced in Ohio as well.

In keeping with Wierson’s initial vision, Summer Games leadership felt called to share God’s love with other campers and desire to establish new camps that will offer Christian camping with the intentional presentation of and introduction to Christ, as well as one-on-one discipleship.

Summer Games is a vehicle of God, powered by His love and grace. It is life-changing when participants surrender themselves to Jesus and become open to the Holy Spirit’s influence to consider the needs of the whole and serve others. Summer Games is Christian community at its best.


Statement of Purpose:
To raise the awareness of each pre-teen and teen that they can have a personal faith in Jesus Christ.

• Value themselves and others as children of the Creator
• Allow Christ to use them as Christian leaders
• Keep our youth from leaving the church

There is intentional exposure to the variety of calls to ministry, including pastoral, Christian education, and music, as well as the ministry of caring, teaching and living a Christian life of purpose.


An important aspect of Summer Games is that the huddle leaders are close enough in age to the campers to serve as role models and peers. Christian leadership is developed by giving youth the opportunity to be responsible for themselves and those younger.


Statistics indicate that the #1 reason youth leave the church is that they have been given no responsibility. Youth experience leadership as campers and huddle leaders, increasing their awareness of their responsibility as a role model to those younger and to their peers. Adult leaders (ages 22 and older) are in close physical proximity to huddle leaders to provide support and guidance.


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2022 Summer Games

Come experience the Summer Games as a vehicle of God, powered by His love and grace. 

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