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Remember wide open spaces?

That’s the experience we preserve. Simpson Park Camp Meeting Grounds features wide open spaces that include a sand volleyball court, basketball courts and athletic fields.

The Athletic Fields features multiple full size soccer field perfect not only for a game of soccer, but softball, kickball, frisbee, flag football, relay races, water games, and archery. Or maybe kite flying and stargazing are more your speed. You can do that too.

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What People Say

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“Every year for the past 5 years North Macomb Community Youth Soccer league has been using the athletic fields at Simpson Park Camp for our summer soccer camp. Not only is it a beautiful setting, perfect for what we are trying to achieve– giving every child the opportunity to play soccer, but the staff at Simpson Park Camp make the rental of the fields a snap and stress free, allowing us to focus our energy on the kids coming to the program.”

- North Macomb Community Youth Soccer League

Looking to use this space?

Whatever your athletic prowess, Simpson Park Camp Meeting Grounds Athletic Fields provide a safe space for kids to be kids, and grown-ups to learn to play again.

We serve groups of all sizes.

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