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Children's Camp

JULY 20 – July 28, 2024

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Over 100 children participate in our annual Children’s Program which runs simultaneously alongside Family Camp. Services and activities are offered during morning and evening worship as well as special activities each weekday afternoon for the family, such as a Talent Show and fishing at the pond.

The Children’s Ministry is a donation-supported ministry for children, from birth through 6th grade, who are on the campground for Family Camp with their family and friends. All children attending any of the children’s level programming, for even one service, must be registered.

Special Afternoon Activities may include:



And so much more!

The Nursery

Infants under the age of 2.

Open during the morning and evening services on a cooperative basis.  Infants will have a fun, safe and comfortable place to be, and may enjoy singing or story-telling.

Tiny Tots

2- and 3-year old children.

Housed in the Tiny Tot Cottage, children enjoy crafts, stories, singing and play.

Kiddie Korner

 4- and 5-year old children. 

They’ll enjoy stories, songs, crafts and games to keep them involved and learning.

Hastings House

Children in 1st - 4th grade.

They will engage with high energy and fun Ministries designed to teach them the message where they are at.

Tween Program

Children in 5th - 7th grade.

They will enjoy teachings tailored to them with a couple special activites as they prepare for their teenage years.

2023 Daily Evangelists

Children's Deans & Special Speakers
Mike and Leann Austin Family.jpg
Leann Austin
Children's Dean

Leann Austin began attending Simpson Park Camp after marrying into a family of Simpson Park regulars. Leann recently has helped lead the intergenerational games and was a break out speaker last year. Leann has plenty of experience working in a camp environment as she was the program director at Bay Shore Camp for a number of years. She has always had a large heart for bringing children and youth to the Lord. Leann has now stepped into the role to help bring further generations to have a love for the Lord.

Leann and her husband Mike have two children, a cat, and a dog. They live in Essexville, Michigan located in Michigan’s thumb. They enjoy camping, swimming, and spending time together as a family. Leann wears many hats as she is a mother of two, is the secretary of her church, and has begun substitute teaching now that her kids are both in school. 

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Brother Joe Schmidt
Daily Evangelist

The Children's Program welcomes back Joe Schmidt, Minister of "Encour-Edifi-Tainment." Joe Shares Key Life principles to help kids in their relationships with God, themselves, other people, and the changing circumstances of life. Joe uses music, object lessons, illusions, humor, and stories to share a powerful message of God's hope, restoration, and encouragement

2022 Children's Camp Video

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Children's Camp

All children attending any of the children’s level programming, for even one service, must be registered.

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