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Personal Prayer Retreat

Schedule your Personal Prayer Retreat

Pouring into others may be a part of the job, but it doesnt give you an excuse to get burnt out. While you are preaching every Sunday, it can be hard to take the time with God where it is just you and Him. Having a way to engage God and meet with him so that you may dig into the word is critical for your spiritual health. While you're here you can focus on Christ and where he is guiding you. Instead of mining for messages, dig for a deeper understanding of how Christ is working in your life.

Come dive into the Word here at Simpson Park Camp, where you can step away from the craziness of life. Take time to be alone or with your spouse and have Christ pour into you. We believe it is important to have this time with God as we see Jesus do this often in his own ministry. Which is why we invite you for no charge to spend some time in prayer. For more information, Call us at 586-752-3202 or Email



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